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House PlansStacey Construction has been building valued partnerships for over 12 years.  From the start of excavation to the final walk through of the completed home, Stacey Construction is there every step of the way to be of service and provide answers to any questions or concerns.  We focus on the Owner's needs, budget and time frame.  Upon completion of the home, Stacey Construction continues to be of service by offering a builder's warranty program.  Stacey Construction's vision is not only to provide the best possible service and satisfaction but to build you a quality custom home.

Here at Stacey Construction we like to distinguish our services from other builders through our continued direct and personal contact throughout the entireity of the building process. When you build with us, you will be working directly with us.

Frame House

Planning and Frameout: Stacey construction's knowledge of site preperation, building layout, and land lots will guide you towards the best house plan on the best piece of land for your needs and vision of your custom home. We have experiene with numerous foundation types and can modify the home plan of your choosing if a basement, extra room, or other foundation or frame addition is desirable.


Interior and Exterior Selections: From our years of experience, Stacey Construction has developed very good relations with many suppliers in the Middle Tennessee area and are therefore able to give you a variety of options at a competitive price for your home selections, such as doors, windows, cabinets, tops, interior hardware, lights, etc. Our suppliers will meet you on site or in their showrooms to show you samples of the products and offer any needed information you request.


Trim Out and Builder's Warranty: Quality products and craftmenship go into all Stacey Construction homes. We have been working with a select group of finish craftsmen for numerous years in order to provide consistent top of the line work inside all of our homes. Furthermore, after you occupy your home, Stacey Construction will warranty the construction, materials, and labor inside your home in order to ensure complete homeowner satisfaction.

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